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We would like to stress that Raccoons are Wild Animals. They will never be fully domesticated. It is illegal in some states to keep Raccoons as pets for this reason. Keeping a Raccoon or any Wild or Exotic Animal for a pet is a life long undertaking. Like marriage, it is not to be entered into lightly. Raccoons in captivity can live for 15 years or more. See the Remo Raccoon Website on the world wide web and you will see that Remo lived to be well over 15 years of age. He was given such a wonderful life! We are trying our best to give Arthur and Merlin a great life as well. Their actions show us that they love us and that they are very happy and content being our babies.

We adore our Raccoons and treat them as family members. We are dedicated to making their lives happy, secure, healthy and safe. They did not ask to be kept as pets, but they sure seem glad they were! They come first with us. Their needs are met daily. We interact, feed, clean their Coondo on a daily basis. It takes alot of time and effort to keep them happy, but it is well worth it.

So please, do not adopt a Baby Raccoon if you do not truly care for animals and will dedicate your time to giving them a good life. And remember that it is illegal in some states to keep them without a permit.

If you do find a baby raccoon that seems to have been abandoned by it’s mother please try to get in touch with a Raccoon Rehabilitator in your area. The Rehabber will care for the Raccoon and teach it the skills it will need to survive in the Wild once it can be released. Look for a Rehabber on the internet or your local yellow pages.

Once a Raccoon has been kept as a pet, raised from a bottle and imprinted upon human beings, they absolutely cannot be released to the wild. They will not have the skills they need to find food, and will not have the instinct to be afraid of other human beings or animals. This could be a death sentence for them.

Our Raccoons were NEUTERED at six months of age. This was done because we KNEW we were keeping them for life. When a Raccoon comes into sexual maturity, they become aggressive at mating time. They can turn very vicious and turn on you. In our case, we found that NEUTERING them took care of this problem and we never experienced it. Arthur and Merlin will be 3 years old in July, so they should be well past their sexual maturity.

If you do keep a Raccoon as a pet and then decide you can no longer handle it, please CALL A RACCOON REHABBER to take the Raccoon. Please do not just let the Raccoon go to fend for itself.

Thank you for remembering these tips! There is alot of great info on Raccoons and Rehabbers on the Web. You can click on our Raccoon Web link for more information and more stories like ours.

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