~ The “Be-bekins and Cole”

This page is all about Arthur and Merlin’s brothers and sisters. Cole is our dog and the “Be-bekins” are our cats! Take a look!

This is Arthur & Merlin’s big brother and sheriff ~ “Cole”

Cole crossing the Creek

Cole playing with Arthur

Cole is a Wolf Hybrid. The babies were raised riding Cole’s back, playing hide and seek, and frolicking in the woods together. Cole is their babysitter and sheriff. He makes sure everything stays in line! He loves to flea Art and Mer on their backs.

“Cole” down by the creek

(Cole was recently shot and is now in the house recovering. We don’t know who shot our precious little boy and we are perplexed as to how someone could harm an animal for no apparent reason.)

*Update – March 2006

Cole has made a FULL RECOVERY! He is running and playing again and taking long walks with us on the farm.


This is little Rus. He is Cole’s best bud. Cole protects Rusty from the big bully cats that come around to pick a fight. Cole shares his bankie with Rus on cold winter nights. Rusty likes to jump in the Coondo with Arthur and Merlin and create a little excitement for them!

Rusty’s nickname is “Rusty Crawford” (See the Cindy Crawford mole???)

UPDATE: April 2008 ~ Our precious little “Rusty Crawford” passed away. He just didn’t come home one day. We never found him. We don’t even know what happened to him. Rusty, we miss you so very much! We will always love and remember you…….


“Little Bob”

Our Sweet, Little Bob, passed away unexpectedly on July 26, 2007. We had just returned home from a 4 day vacation and I couldn’t find him when we pulled up to our house. I finally found him and realized he was dying. I held him and stayed with him for about 3 hours until he passed away. We will miss our beloved Little Bob cat. He brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. I was there with him when he was born, and I was there with him when he died. Someday, I will see him again……….waiting for me beside the Rainbow Bridge! Rest In Peace my precious Little Bob Cat…….I’ll miss you so so much! …..

“Prissy & Grey Baby”


This is Pumpkin. Pumpkin was dropped on us about 3 months ago and quickly became one of the family. She and Cole bonded right off the bat. Pumpkin was the sweetest little kitty in the world. She had such a loving personality. We fell in love with her instantly. Pumpkin was Arthur’s girlfriend! He loved her! He would put his little hand on her back and touch her nose….it was adorable!

Pumpkin mysteriously disappeared from our home about a month ago. It was odd. She never left our yard, much less our carport. To date, we have not found her. We miss our little girl.

“Cole, Arthur & Merlin”

The Boys “Attacking” Cole


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